Luuk Visscher elected member of the IAQMS


Congratulations to Luuk Visscher for being elected as a member to the prestigious International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science – well deserved!

He joins a select academy of well-known theoretical chemists, including both our founding fathers and Nobel Prize laureates such as de Broglie, Herzberg, Kohn, Warshel, and Hoffmann.

Luuk has been a long-term Dirac and ADF developer. He collaborates in various ways with SCM, including many joint PhD students and collaborative projects on solar to products and VCD. Most recently a LIFT proposal was approved to implement GW and BSE in ADF and further develop advanced embedding methods, with one of the key applications to accurately simulate exciton processes in OLED materials.

Exciton Formation in OLEDsLuuk Visscher

Dynamics of exciton formation and emission in OLEDs

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