Symposium in Honor of Roald Hoffmann

The Chemical Bonding and Reactivity Spanning the Periodic Table symposium celebrated Prof. Roald Hoffmann‘s 80th birthday. At the 254th ACS fall meeting in Washington DC around 75 collaborators, friends and academic offspring gathered to tell scientific stories about their theoretical and experimental endeavors to understand and explore chemical bonding interactions. Not only did the topics covered by the excellent speakers span the periodic table, the chemical bonding analysis also extended over all chemistry-related disciplines (organic, inorganic, bio- and materials chemistry).

Many of the speakers enjoy Roald’s enthusiasm for the chemical bonding analysis tools in the ADF Modeling Suite, so SCM was proud to sponsor this celebration. From our friends at the theoretical chemistry group at the VU Amsterdam outstanding talks were held by Stephanie van der Lubbe (first year PhD student with Célia Fonseca Guerra) on how Pauli repulsion dominates hydrogen bonding, and by Matthias Bickelhaupt on rational catalyst design.

Group Photo Hoffmann symposium
Group photo, with Roald in the center flanked by organizers Wojciech Grochala and Eva Zurek.
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