Counting Processors

Two types of licenses are distinguished: floating and host locked. Furthermore, an unlimited license is a list of host-locked licenses for all machines at your institute that you want to use.

Host-locked licenses

This is the most typical license. The license is for one or more specific machines, and all physical processor cores on a particular node will be included in the license. Note that it is not possible to get a host-locked license for a subset of cores. We can not provide a 4-core host-locked license for an 8-core machine.

Floating licenses

For limited use on a large compute cluster, a floating license may be used, except for the GUI, which is always host-locked. ADF floating licenses can only be obtained for machines that can all access a central shared directory. Floating licenses can not be used on Windows machines.

Mixed host-locked and floating licenses

Floating cores are counted double with respect to standard host-locked ones and can be combined to one amount.


  • Two 2-core machines and one 4-core machine together add up to (2×2 + 4) eight cores
  • A 6-core machine with hyperthreading counts as six cores. Hyperthreading is not recommended for ADF
  • A 128-core cluster can be licensed on the whole (most flexible), for specific nodes (cheapest, least flexible) or with a floating license (flexible, any nodes in the cluster may be used up to specified number of cores)
  • A 24-core floating license and two 8-core host-locked licenses are counted as 24×2 + 8 + 8 = 64 cores

Unlimited licenses

An unlimited license will enable all members of your own research group (or site if you purchase a site license) to install ADF on their machines on the research site. With SCM’s permission, licenses may also be installed on personal machines to facilitate setting up and analyzing jobs remotely.

Unlimited licenses are also ideal for teaching purposes (at no additional cost). Students can easily download and use ADF during the course. The installation is smooth, with a set number of licenses automatically approved for the teaching account, either on the instruction machine or, with SCM’s permission, on the students personal laptops. SCM then also offers support to the system administrator for setting up ADF on the the student machines but no direct support can be given to the students.

Different modules

In principle each module (ADF, BAND, ReaxFF, DFTB) could be licensed for a different number of cores. For the ADF modeling suite bundle (twice the price of ADF + 1 GUI) the cores are the same for all modules.
The GUI functionality for ReaxFF and DFTB is included for all machines for which they are licensed. However, the GUI functionality for ADF and BAND is licensed separately (always host locked) and may be on different machine than the compute modules themselves.

Send us an E-mail if it is unclear how your specific situation should be licensed. Use the online Price Quote Form to get detailed prices.