Videos: tutorials and web presentations

Webinars on advanced ADF applications

Most slides are available from the webinar pages.

Battery discharge profiles with ReaxFF and GCMC

Installing the ADF trial version & license (Windows followed by Mac).

Materials modeling: OLEDs, batteries and nanoparticles

Ligand-field DFT for d-f transitions (pc-WLEDs)

Optical properties of 2D semiconductors with TDCDFT

Charge transport: NEGF with DFTB

Optimizing organic crystals with DFTB3-D3(BJ)

New ReaxFF features in 2017: eReaxFF, molecule gun

Optical and X-ray Absorption with ADF

Charge mobility calculations with FDE

Advanced multi-scale calculations with QUILD

Multi-scale and adaptive QM/MM with FlexMD

Optimizing ReaxFF parameters

ADF modeling suite 2014


Simulating SERS with ADF

Instruction/demo videos

Set up remote queues (on Windows, easier on other platforms)
ADF from the command line on MacOS (e.g. for scripting with PLAMS)
Building polymers with the structure library in ADFGUI.
Using ADF scripting tools: setting up and analyzing multiple jobs. See also our scripting documentation.
Calculating charge transfer integrals with ADF for charge mobility.
Batteries: electrolyte reduction at the solid-electrolyte interface with eReaxFF.
Accelerating ReaxFF with force bias Monte Carlo – graphene healing (defect created with Molecule Gun).

Tutorials for the ADF Modeling Suite 2014

Playlist of the ADF, BAND, MOPAC, DFTB, and ReaxFF Tutorials for the 2014 release, from our YouTube channel.