ADF Newsletter, March 2015

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PhD and post-doc position available immediately, upcoming opportunities

SCM is looking for two strong method developers to start as soon as possible in Amsterdam, with excellent EU conditions:

  • PhD position on developing force field and MD methods for MOFs
  • 2-year post-doc position for implementing two-dimensional TDDFT

Please forward to interested candidates and ask them to send us their CV and motivation before the extended deadline of 25 March.

Several other job opportunities are available (soon) from our academic collaborators. A few examples:

  • 2 post-docs solar energy research, projects 3. and 6. in collaboration with Prof. Visscher
  • 2 PhD positions QM/MM development and applications in zeolite chemistry, Utrecht
  • 2 PhD positions developing Vibrational Circular Dichroism methods, Amsterdam
  • PhD position theoretical chemistry, method development, Newark
  • Other position coming up through EU and other consortia

Apply directly to these positions or send us your CV if you are interested in upcoming vacancies that would fit your profile.

Collaborative projects

EU projects

SCM is a partner in two H2020 ETN consortia kicking off in 2015:
In the European Joint Doctorate program Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (TCCM), SCM is an associate partner and two positions related to excited state dynamics and photovoltaics will involve a secondment to SCM for integrating new methods into the ADF modeling suite. Contact us for project details if you are interested.
In the DEFect NETwork ETN, three partners (Ghent, Bochum, SCM) will jointly develop advanced methods for studying catalysis and active sites in metal organic frameworks (MOFs).

As an SME, SCM warmly welcomes invitations to join EU consortia. We are particularly interested in developing new capabilities in the ADF modeling suite which can then be applied for understanding and designing the next generation of materials and chemicals.
Contact us to explore potential collaborations!

Other collaborative projects

Prof. Visscher will lead the ‘Computational chemistry made easy‘ eScience project, collaborating with SCM on python scripting and workflow tools for high-throughput virtual screening with applications in catalysis, solar cells, LEDs and others.

Prof. Visscher is also involved in a grant from the Fund New Chemical Innovations, together with Prof. Buma (UvA), SCM and BioTools. Methods will be developed for faster calculations of infrared spectra of very large molecules with ADF, including chiral spectroscopy (VCD, ROA, RE-VCD). Efforts will also be made to make theoretical VCD spectra a more robust tool for determining absolute configurations of pharmaceutical compounds.

Conferences, seminars and workshops

Together with ReaxFF expert Adri van Duin, our CEO Stan van Gisbergen will visit Japan in the last week of May. Our local reseller Ryoka will organize public seminars and private visits.

Around the same time, Fedor Goumans visit will China, with public seminars and workshops being planned by our local reseller FermiTech.

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