ADF Seminars in Beijing, Seoul, Daejeon, Tokyo

Dr. Stan van Gisbergen, SCM’s CEO, will make a tour through three Asian countries to present the capabilities of the ADF 2013 modeling suite. There will be four seminars open to the public in addition to industrial site visits. Please join one of the presentations to learn about the latest features and cutting edge applications of our density functional codes ADF and BAND as well as our newer codes DFTB, ReaxFF, and COSMO-RS.


  • Beijing: Wed 22 May, 9-10.40 am: Tsinghua University.
  • Seoul: Thu 23 May, 11am-12pm: Seoul National University (SNU)
  • Daejeon: Fri 24 May, 2pm-4pm: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
  • Tokyo: Tue 28 May, 13.15-17:00: Ryoka, Tokyo Sky Tree Tower. Register with Ryoka.
    ADF seminars by Stan, GUI demonstration by Ryoka, and ReaxFF presentation by Prof. Adri van Duin.

We cordially invite all people with a general interest in computational chemistry, including current users, to attend one of the seminars. For the Beijing and Tokyo seminars please sign up with our resellers.