ADF Webinars: Simulating SERS, ETS-NOCV

In a series of web presentations, special ADF topics will be presented by experts. In February two webinars are given by Lasse Jensen (simulating SERS) and Mariusz Mitoraj (ETS-NOCV).

Webinars sers etsnocv

Expert users and developers will demonstrate specialized ADF topics via a web presentation, highlighting recent results on practical tips on how to set up calculations and analyze results.

First up is Lasse Jensen, on 25 February, who will talk about his hybrid TDDFT / atomistic electrodynamics method DIM/QM to simulate surface-enhanced Raman spectra.

Later that week, on 28 February, Mariusz Mitoraj will discuss the unique ETS-NOCV method for analyzing chemical bonds.

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