ADF2009.01b released

The sub-release ADF2009.01b is now available for download from the SCM web site.

Support for new platforms has been added: IBM AIX, SGI Altix ICE with SGI MPT and Cray XT4/XT5 with Cray MPI. The Cray version works with Cray Linux Environment (CLE). A Linux version with Intel-MPI has also been released. In addition, we have confirmed that the Windows versions of ADF run smoothly on the new Windows 7 operating system.

The BAND program has undergone large improvements in speed since its September release. Speed ups in elapsed time of up to a factor of three have been obtained for GGA geometry optimizations of large systems. More improvements are expected in subsequent updates next year.

Based in part on feedback from our users we have also fixed a number of bugs discovered in the prior release. Check the full list of changes for details. As always, any problems with this new release can be reported to [email protected].

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