HP-MPI Supported in ADF2006

SCM is happy to announce that the latest ADF release, ADF2006, now also includes HP-MPI versions for all Linux platforms on Intel and AMD processors (x86, x86_64, and ia64), as well as for HP-UX 11i. The PVM and MPICH versions remain supported as before.
HP-MPI offers performance that is superior to MPICH and PVM, supports Ethernet, Myrinet, Infiniband, and Quadrix interconnects without recompilation and is free of any additional charges for use with ADF. After signing an HP-MPI license agreement, it can be downloaded from the SCM website.
For more information about HP-MPI, including the User’s Guide, please visit the HP-MPI page at HP.


ADF users can obtain the new versions, as well as the HP-MPI binaries, from the Download page.

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