New personnel: EU-funded PhD students and post-doc, office manager

The SCM team has been extended by the addition of four EU-funded positions. Three PhD students will develop AIMD methods for ground and excited states and one post-doc will develop electronic transport methods for 2D nanoelectronics.

3 PhD students developing first-principle MD

Three European Industrial Doctorate (EID) students have started within the EU-funded PROPAGATE project, in which ground state and excited state first principle molecular dynamics methods will be implemented. A warm welcome for Michal Handzlik, Rober Rüger, and Michiel de Reus!

All PhD candidates will be jointly supervised by Prof. dr. Thomas Heine (Jacobs University, Bremen), Prof. Lucas Visscher (VU University, Amsterdam) and our SCM staff. Michiel has started in Bremen and he will move to Amsterdam after a year and a half, whereas Michal and Robert will move in the opposite direction.

Post-doc Wu Li develops methods for 2D transport

Dr. Wu Li has joined our Amsterdam team to develop electronic transport methods for 2D nanoelectronic structures within the EU-funded MoWSeS project. A warm welcome to Wu!

He graduated in 2011 from the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and worked on heat transport during his post-doc at the CEA Grenoble.

Extra office manager

To support our office team, Kitty Kleinlein has joined us in Amsterdam again. Kitty was Frieda Vansina’s predecessor and has started this year again on a part-time basis, mainly to help out with all financial matters.

Open positions

The application deadline for the two open positions, allround software developper and scientific partner manager, is on November 20th.

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