SCM at conferences: come talk to us at DFT2015, Psi-k, STC, and XRQTC

Come have a chat with us about ongoing developments and collaboration opportunities at one of the many conferences this fall across Europe: DFT2015, Psi-k, STC, and the New trends in Computational Chemistry for Industry Applications workshop.

A busy schedule around September all across Europe: SCM will be at the DFT2015 conference in Debrecen (August 31 – September 4), the Psi-k conference in San Sebastian (September 6-10) and the STC conference in Potsdam (September 20-24).

Do stop by at our booth to have a chat with us about your recent results and findings, our ongoing developments in the ADF modeling suite, or collaboration possibilities! Of course we are also happy to demonstrate how easy it is to set up, run and analyze with our GUI.

Sergio will also be at the XRQTC workshop New trends in Computational Chemistry for Industry Applications in Barcelona on October 1&2, which is an excellent networking opportunity if you want to get an SME on board for your next H2020 proposal with computational chemistry method development relevant to industrial applications!

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