Virtual workshop with Australia’s National Computing Infrastructure National Facility

On the 4th of May, 2011, The National Computing Infrastructure National Facility (NCI NF) of Australia and SCM, have organized a web presentation for NCI facility users and others interested. This will take place this Wednesday 4 May, 4-6 pm Sydney time. The web presentations will be given by Dr. Matt Kundrat and Dr. Stan van Gisbergen (both from SCM) and will cover recent developments in, and applications of, our molecular DFT program ADF (our flagship program available via NCI supercomputers). We will also present a broad overview over our other software packages BAND (periodic DFT), ReaxFF (reactive MD), COSMO-RS (thermodynamics of mixed liquids), as well as other ongoing software developments (e.g. DFTB, (meta)dynamics) at SCM. Dr. Kundrat will also give a short demo of the graphical user interface for all of our programs

Registration and further details can be found at Please register ASAP if you plan to attend, either in person at the NCI of virtually via the web.

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