AMSpackages is a GUI module that can be used to install optional software components. Users of the graphical user interface will automatically be prompted to install an optional component when the option is selected in AMSInput. Alternatively they can use SCMMenu Packages to install packages at any time. The graphical interface can also be started using "${AMSBIN}/AMSpackages" gui on the command line.


Fig. 1 The main window of the AMSpackages gui.

Command line features of AMSpackages are documented in the installation chapter of the manual.

Installing packages

Select the packages that you wish to install and click install. Some information will be printed to the screen regarding progress.

If you wish to abort an operation, you can click the abort button.

Removing packages

Select the packages that you wish to remove and click remove.

Selecting an alterative package source

If you are on a computer with a slow connection or behind a firewall, you can select a local copy of our repository using the local mirror button. Navigate to your copy and and select the AMS2021.1.yml file inside the packages directory.


Never install packages from an untrusted source. Only use a copy directly downloaded from our website.


Instructions on how to obtain a copy can be found in the installation section.