Required Citations

When you publish results in the scientific literature that were obtained with programs of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite, you are required to include references to the program package with the appropriate release number, and a few key publications.

Authors and General References

The current version of the GUI was developed by O. Visser and L. Groot.

Other contributors include: O. Carstensen, M. Luppi (artwork), L. Hong (NMR spin-spin coupling in AMSspectra), M. Koenis (VCD tools in AMSspectra), K. Salimans (GUI support for QE CPMD), Dennis Coppens (GUI support for VASP), Micha Davids (AMSkinetics, formerly Microkinetics: GUI support for MKMcxx), and the SCM developer team. Thanks to M. Mouthaan for testing and documentation.

If you used the GUI you may optionally include the reference:

AMS GUI 2024.1, SCM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

External programs and Libraries

Click here for the list of programs and/or libraries used in the ADF package. On some platforms optimized libraries have been used and/or vendor specific MPI implementations.