WIth the KFbrowser you can inspect all KF files produced by the ADF package. It has two modes: the default non-expert mode, and the expert mode.

Non-expert mode

You will see a sub-set of the data contained on the KF file. It may be empty, depending on the KF file. For KF files that the KFbrowser knows about (t21, runkf, rkf and rxkf) it will show the results that may be of use for users.

If you select values you can use double click on the selection or use the Selection As Graph menu command to see the values in a graph.

You can use Copy/Paste to copy the selected data and paste it in a different program, for example Excel. The data will be copied as tab-separated so it will be pasted nicely formatted in your editor or spreadsheet.

Expert mode

In expert mode you will see all data on the KF file. This is mainly intended for developers. You should not assume any meaning to anything shown here unless you are familiar with the code that produced the KF file.