4.14.3. Helper functions

get_extractors_for_amsjob(amsjob, extractors='all', task=None, trajectory=False, data_set=None)
amsjob : AMSJob or str
An AMSjob or a path to the .results folder of an AMSJob
extractors : str or list of str
Can be the string ‘common’ or ‘all’, or a list of extractors [‘energy’, ‘forces’, …] that can be called with no additional arguments other than the jobid.
task : None or str
If ‘SinglePoint’, then only extractors that make sense for single points (i.e. NO geometry info, NO pes scan info, etc.) will be returned (e.g. energy, forces, stresstensor, charges)
trajectory : bool
If True, only return “extractors” (valid keywords to the properties argument of ResultsImporter.add_trajectory_singlepoints() or ResultsImporter.add_pesscan_singlepoints())
data_set: DataSet
The data_set. If None, an empty data_set (with no more_extractors) will be used.
Returns:A list of extractors that will return some data when called without arguments on the amsjob’s results.