Online COSMO-RS/SAC workshop in Chinese

Please join Wei-Lin Chen and our partner FermiTech for an online workshop on COSMO-RS and COSMO-SAC on 4 November 2022, 3pm BeiJing Standard Time.

Wei-Lin will introduce the theory about the Continuum Solvation Model and the Realistic Solvent and Segmented Activity Coefficient methods to calculate thermodynamic properties in solution.
He will also show how to use the GUI in AMS to do simple calculations, followed by more powerful examples using python scripting: solubility screening, co-crystal screening, eutectic solvents, ionic liquids.

vapor pressure with COSMO-SAC in COSMO-RS
vapor pressure with COSMO-SAC in COSMO-RS

You can download the python scripts, example files and spreadsheets, and slides for this COSMO-RS workshop.

Key concepts