Release notes Amsterdam Modeling Suite 2019.3

We are proud to introduce the second major release this year, the Amsterdam Modeling Suite 2019.3.

We thank all our external developers and collaborators across the globe for their ongoing support and efforts. Together we keep building on the user-friendly AMS platform, with the powerful compute engines tied together by the central AMS driver, the graphical interface, and a Python workflow environment. AMS2019.3 provides useful productivity enhancements for many applications and research projects.

Structure and Reactivity

Molecular Dynamics

  • Accelerate MD runs with Temperature Replica Exchange
  • Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) for thermal conductivity
  • New analysis tools: radial distribution functions, histograms, temperature profiles
  • Faster visualization of trajectories for large systems

Faster Simulations

New Accurate Methods

New Interfaces

We would love to hear your feedback and requests, so we can continue to improve AMS for you!

New features per module

Click on the logos below to see what’s new in the 2019.3 release for each module.


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