Thermodynamic properties (log P, pKa) with COSMO-RS

Our COSMO-RS (COnductor like Screening MOdel for Realistic Solvents) program allows the prediction of many properties of pure fluids, fluid mixtures, and solutions:

A database of 1892 compounds (solvents, small molecules) facilitates instantaneous predictions of log P, solubilities, and other properties. Easy to add other molecules to the database with preset ADF calculations. Tutorials show step-by-step how to set up COSMO-RS property calculations with the GUI. Scripting tools enable rapid solvent screening, e.g. to find the solvent combination which best partitions a drug and its main contaminant.
COSMO-RS assumes ideal gas behavior in the vapor phase and incompressible liquids. As such, it is less accurate for high-pressure conditions.

log P octanol water partitioning coefficients COSMO-RS vs. experiment
COSMO-RS calculated log P values (octanol-water partitioning coefficients, kow) in good agreement with experiment
ADFview COSMO surface
The COSMO charge density on a COSMO surface (Computed separately with ADF and visualized with ADFview)

Documentation and selected publications

COSMO-RS documentation: tutorials, manual, compound database, and Ionic Liquid database
Gas Solubility in Ionic Liquids
Key concepts: COSMO-RS, solubility, Ionic Liquids

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COSMO-SAC-2013: Improved thermodynamic properties predictions
Key concepts: COSMO-SAC, COSMO-RS, Thermodynamics, Thermochemistry, Thermal properties, VLE, Vapor pressure

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