Recent advances in Frozen-Density Embedding: State-Selective Excitations, Charge Transfer, Spin Densities

ADF developer Johannes Neugebauer and his co-workers have showcased new methodologies within the Frozen-Density Embedding (FDE) framework. With FDE, much larger systems can be studied than with traditional DFT. Furthermore, as densities can be localized in fragments in a natural fashion in FDE, some well-known problem such as charge and spin delocalization can be overcome.

FDE has been complemented with state-selective excitations, facilitating the computation of excited state potential energy surfaces for large systems, e.g. to study surface-enhanced Raman scattering of molecules on nano-particles.
Electronic couplings are calculated by generating charge-localized, diabatic states directly with FDE, so that electron or hole transfer reactions between large fragments such as DNA strands can be studied.
The open-shell generalization of FDE to overcomes the overdelocalization of spin plaguing traditional DFT and even SIC-DFT. The spin-density asymmetry of a special pair radical cation model (750 atoms) has been scrutinized.

Recent methodological advances in Frozen-Density Embedding. Top left: FDE can be combined with state-selection to map out excited state PESs. Top right: Diabatic states to study charge transfer between fragments. Bottom: Spin-densities are localized correctly with open-shell FDE, not with SIC-DFT.

Another recent application by König and Neugebauer of FDE-TDDFT is on the First-Principles Calculation of Electronic Spectra of Light-Harvesting Complex II, a system consisting of 1100 atoms!

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FDE, FDE-TDDFT, excited state PESs

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