This document will provide a set of hands-on tutorials showing how to use the ADF-GUI.

The ADF-GUI is a graphical interface. Not only for ADF, but also for BAND, DFTB, ReaxFF, Mopac, Quantum ESPRESSO and more.

It consists of several modules: ADFinput to set up calculations, ADFview to visualize orbitals, and many more. These modules work together, but you can also use them as stand-alone tools from the command line.

The GUI overview tutorials provide an overview over all GUI modules, using ADF as computational engine. If you are new to the GUI, we advise you to study the tutorials in the order presented.

The ADF-GUI tutorials focus on particular features of the ADF-GUI for ADF.

Next there are some specialized tutorials that show you how to use the GUI with BAND, DFTB, MOPAC or ReaxFF.

We estimate that you will need about half an hour for each part of the tutorial, for reading and performing the hands-on activities. Typically the calculations should give results that are very close to the results shown in the tutorials. However, in some cases minor changes may occur depending on hardware and software versions.

Many tutorials are also available as videos. The current videos are actually the tutorial videos for ADF2014, so there will be differences with the current tutorials.

Additional information may be found in the GUI manual