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Dear Nuha,

If you have a cif or pdb with periodic boundary conditions, you could just import that in ADFinput, it should go to BAND to deal with periodicity. Then you probably want to make a supercell, go to ADF (0 periodicity) and just select the two molecules you are interested in.

See also: https://www.scm.com/adf-modeling-suite/wizard/organic-electronics/electron-and-hole-mobilities-in-organic-electronics/ <https://www.scm.com/adf-modeling-suite/wizard/organic-electronics/electron-and-hole-mobilities-in-organic-electronics/>

If the cif or pdb is not properly saved by Materials Studio, there may be some problems importing it. Could you send it to support at scm.com <mailto:support at scm.com> ?

Best wishes,

> On 14 Oct 2017, at 14:40, ⁨نها احمد حسن احمد وزان⁩ <⁨nwazzan at kau.edu.sa⁩> wrote:
> Good morning,
> I have this question please:
> I have run a calculation using the polymorph predictor module in Materials Studio 5.5 program to predict the crystal structure of designed hole transporting materials. I have got a frame represents the most stable crystal structure of the minimum energy like the one represented in the picture below:
> <image.png>
> Now with a cell that has two molecules, I want to calculate the charge transfer integral between the two molecules using the ADF package.
> But, I do not know how to open the .xsd file in the material studio in the ADF?
> I have tried to export the file in different extension such as .mol2, .pdb, .cif but I have distorted molecular structure!
> Could you please advise me about this topic.
> Regards,
> Nuha
> Note: I am a new user of the ADF package
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