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  • [ADF-LIST] Optimization of the range separation parameter gamma   Spyroulla Mavrommati
  • [ADF-LIST] Import a REAX trajectory file and analyzing it   Arman Khan
  • [ADF-LIST] Valence-mixed   BILLEL TEYAR
  • [ADF-LIST] Reaction of two doublet molecules to form two singlet molecules   Jennifer Green
  • [ADF-LIST] Surface Area of Structures   Mathew Aneke
  • [ADF-LIST] reg band gap of graphene   Ravuri Syamsai
  • [ADF-LIST] Creating topology file for a MOF molecule   Nagasree Garapati
  • [ADF-LIST] Creating a Reaff force field for Hydrotalcite   Phebe L Bonilla Prado

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