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  • [ADF-LIST] using cartesian coords   Rabah.Mouras
  • [ADF-LIST] Formula for exact exchange mixing to the B3LYP functional   Radhika Narayanan
  • [ADF-LIST] ADFlist Digest, Vol 63, Issue 3   Marcel Swart
  • [ADF-LIST] EPR g factor calculation with BAND   José C. Conesa
  • [ADF-LIST] Sublevels of a triplet state in the SOC matrix   Spyroulla Mavrommati
  • [ADF-LIST] Perovskite   mehreen khan
  • [ADF-LIST] Failure to restart scf   José Carlos Conesa Cegarra
  • [ADF-LIST] Regarding analysis of trajectory obtained from DFTB - MD   Abhishek Khetan

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