[ADF-LIST] foray, new code

Hans van Schoot vanschoot at scm.com
Tue Jun 8 13:17:46 CEST 2021

Hi Jos,

foray by default only compiles files that have been changed, so you can
just start it from within $ADFHOME (or $AMSHOME for newer versions). If
it compiles more, that means something changed in the buildinfo file, or
the build/ folder got removed.
If you call foray from a subdirectory within src/, this should build
only the "target" related to this subfolder, but this feature might be
broken due to lack of use.

The foray documentation is incorporated with the tool itself, you can
read it by running "foray -h". However what gets compiled and what not
might not be described in great detail there.

Good luck with the compilation!

On 08-06-2021 12:58, Jos Thijssen wrote:
> Dear all,
> In my group we have compiled the scm code from the source a lot.
> Now I fail to recall how we compiled the source when A small part of
> the source has been modified.
> I vaguely recall that we had to run 'foray' from within a new dir
> which is inside the 'adf' source dir,
> but doing that, I receive a complaint that I should be in the adf dir.
> The solution is probably simple but I could not find the appropriate
> documentation which would give
> me the crucial pointer.
> I am on a linux cluster.
> Thanks for your help
> Jos Thijssen
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