Quantum ESPRESSO GUI tutorials

This section contains tutorials that show you how to use Quantum ESPRESSO via the GUI.

If you are not familiar with the GUI, please have a look at the Introduction and GUI Overview tutorials. For example, it will show you how to start the GUI.

The Building Crystals and Slabs tutorial in the overview section is especially important for users of periodic codes like BAND, DFTB or Quantum ESPRESSO.

When you start ADFinput and switch to the Quantum ESPRESSO section, ADFinput will check if Quantum ESPRESSO is installed in such a way that the GUI can use it. If not it will give you the option to download Quantum ESPRESSO binaries and pseudopotentials from the SCM web site and install them automatically. Obviously you need a connection to the internet for this feature to work.


To use Quantum ESPRESSO with the GUI it must be added to your license file

For more details see the Set up section in the GUI manual.